Hi, I'm Melinda!


My story may sound familiar...


I moved to NYC after college to find my way as an artist, actress, director and producer. For years I created my art and shared it with others, and on the side I took other jobs that allowed me to still be creative but pay the bills.

In 2010 I started face painting for kids in central park on the side and fell in love with the fun of it. The kids must have been having fun too because all of a sudden parents were asking me to attend their children’s birthday parties and, before I knew it, I had accidentally started a business!

What I later learned was that despite all the children’s party entertainment companies out there, there weren’t many that brought high-quality entertainment with professionalism. Either they were mass market companies trying to do volume parties, all offering the same thing, or they were actors and musicians doing this on the side (much like I was when I started!) but that didn’t have the incentive to operate like a business. Many clients have told me that they had previously booked individuals for a party only to have them cancel last minute because they got a higher paying gig, show up late and/or inappropriately dressed, or just didn’t show at all.

And that’s when I decided to go into business to change that.

I knew a lot of very professional and talented creatives that I trusted, and I knew I could bring a much higher level of class and elegance to the table.

So that’s what we did! And over the years our repertoire has expanded to address even the most remote requests (we are actually known for doing what it takes to get that obscure themed character actor when the birthday boy requests it!)

We bring superheros, princesses, cartoons characters. Host musical theater-themed parties or do a mani-pedi session for the little ladies. Intricate face painting with real jewels you won’t get anywhere else (and only with the highest-quality, hypoallergenic cosmetic face paints (of course!) or airbrushed and metallic tattoos. Balloon animals or characters, and sometimes full on balloon headdresses and costumes for the party goers. Caricaturist, Puppeteers, DJs or singing and guitar playing musicians.

And more…

But most importantly, we can deliver the entire experience, tailored to the kids in the room. Schedule a call and let’s see what magic we can bring to your next party.

Melinda Prom


"I hired Melinda for a large-scale party at the Yale Club of New York City. The party had 400 guests, and at certain moments in the night special envelopes were given out to individual party-goers with instructions on how to find Melinda, who was hidden in a specific part of the club. The lucky ones who found her received gorgeous (grown-up) face-painting, and returned to the party, now mysteriously adorned, only to be bombarded with compliments for the rest of the night!  Soon everyone was dying to find out where Melinda was, and people were begging for the magical envelopes that would lead them to her. Young adults (mostly 20s) were sent straight back to childhood upon witnessing the magic Melinda artfully created.

On top of her incredible skill, Melinda was a dream to work with, going above and beyond at every turn with a spirit of positivity and generosity. She was a joy to communicate with, reachable at all times. I could not have asked for a better collaborator to help me realize *exactly* what I envisioned for this unusual special event. Thank you, Melinda!"

-Megan Loughran

Yale Alumni Events Organizer, Yale Club of NYC