Balloon Twisting for Kids

We offer extraordinary balloon twisting for kids parties in new york city!  Contact us today for a balloon artist who can make amazing balloon animals and all sorts of creations!

Balloon Twisting: Our artists create amazing beautiful designs of animals, characters, princesses, bows and arrows, wands, flowers, wearables like jetpacks and wings, and much more!  Our balloonists come in fun festive silly clothing and are amazing with kids and super comedic as well!  Basic and intermediate includes sculptures made from 1-4 balloons on average.

Advanced Balloon Twisting: For the real WOW factor, includes sculptures and characters made from 5-10 balloons or more for a super impressive performance.  Artist can make just about any specialty request or design, including cartoon characters, life size balloons, wearables, princesses, and much more.


Emma princess balloon.jpg